Lets get Organize!

Greetings Friends!

The arrival of fall means the start of the holiday season and many of us start accessorizing our homes and begin to get nervous of not being able to pull the room together before the holidays. am I correct?
If you’re the one entertaining this holiday season, it’s never too early to start prepping your home… Lets start by cleaning and organizing!

As a professional organizer friend of mine says “A place for everything and everything in its place.” While there are lots of storage and organization tips and tactics recommended by professional organizers, my perspective is to share the decorative side of organizing in this month’s column “Organizing for Impact“. People generally judge others and the envionment based on a first impression. Busyness and disarray do not evoke feelings of welcomeness in a room; in fact it makes guests uncomfortable. Less really is better in many cases…

OVERALL SPACE Declutter and depersonalize as much as you can live without. If you haven’t used items in over ten years, if they have no sentimental or financial value, or if they’re stylishly out-dated, it’s a great time to purge or find alternative storage. Furniture pieces that obstruct traffic patterns or simply don’t fit a placement, should be reconsidered. Anything that can be consolidated or replaced with an alternative space saver would help create a more open-feeling room: for example, nesting tables for “as needed” use or wall sconces instead of lamps. Don’t forget cluttered wall space too, whether it be too many pieces against a wall or wall art displays that need breathing room . Open windows create birghtness which ultimately adds to the feeling of spaciousness in a room. Presenting a room in a more organized and orderly fashion will add to its comfort value immensely!

COLOR The fewer colors in a busy, cluttered space the better for bringing stability to the disorder. A soothing palette of color, if not neutrals, especially for the walls, will help calm down the percieved unrest and keep the space visually cohesive Even within a group of objects, pieces on an open unit can be brought into better harmony with the whole room by leveraging one or more of the hues in the overall color scheme or by organizing the items by color within that group of items (for example, organize books on bookshelves by the colors of their spines). 



OPEN STORAGE SPACE Shelving units are typical dumping grounds for miscellaneous stuff or knickknacks to get them off other surfaces like floors and table tops. But then the shelves get cluttered and in turn need organizing themselves! One rule of thumb is to “put like with like” on open shelves, in cubbies, and on counters; for example, stack like dishes together, group books together, and centralize an assortment of collectibles. Arrange elements according to the guidelines of design: in groups of 3-5, tallest in the back or middle, various widths, heights and depths. Use today’s decorative wicker baskets on shelves to collect smaller things like gadgets, office supplies, tools, toys and other essentials to keep them out of sight and create a greater sense of order. If you have too many miscellaneous storage units, consider building open shelving as a functional, yet decorative, solution.

HIDDEN STORAGE SPACE Clutter and excess accessories can be readily cleaned up in a room by maximizing hidden storage in your furnishings. The more drawers you have to work with, the more things you’ll be able to keep easily accessible yet out of view. Tables, buffets, cabinets, bureaus, and other furniture items with drawers of varying width, length and depth will provide homes for all size items. Storage ottomans and benches with lift up tops are funtional and stylish at the same time. There are even bed frames with storage headboards and underneath drawers, great for adults and kids alike! What about building in storage space under stairs, window seats and behind knee walls to help the cause!


So kick off the Fall with some productive cleaning and organizing for a fresh look you, your family and friends with be impressed with. You’ll feel so much better (and have it all behind you) when the weather begs you to be outdoors to enjoy. Happy FALL!

If you have a specific decorating dilemma, email me at jvelasquez@decorandyou.com or call me at 954-384-3290.


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