Football Season is Here!

Greetings Friends!

Labor Day weekend is over and that means back to school for kids all over the country. It also means Football season is here, this week I had the joy of watching my two sons play.  My youngest son played an amazing game for our city league, scoring 3 touch downs, yes 3 in one game, while my older son played in his first JV game         for his high school, where has the time gone.

Speaking of time, summer time is winding down; while most folks are preparing for the leaves to start falling and the nights to start getting cooler, for us here in South Florida it’s time to really enjoy the outdoors.  Imagine being able to enjoy football season while lounging by the pool or being able to “step out” for a romantic evening without having to leave your home. Outdoor spaces can be used for dining, entertaining or just relaxing with family and friends, that’s why decorating outdoor rooms is just as important as the inside ones. Creating beautiful, useful spaces outdoors is a great way to extend your home’s living space.

First is important to determine the primary function of the space. Identify how you live, do you spend time at the table or are you more of a lounger, it is crucial that you honestly look at what you need before you decide any seating plan. Once you have decided exactly how you will use your outdoor area and have the exact measurement of your space it is time to furniture selection and placement etc.

Furnishings Outdoor furniture has changed dramatically. It used to be very plain and functional. Now you can find a wide variety of furniture made of weather resistant materials. Organic look is popular now, with bamboo, dark metal and wood paired with woven fibers like wicker. Cushions soften your outdoor furniture, making it more inviting and comfortable; they are fader resistant, stain resistant and waterproof.

Color Citrus tones, bright yellow, gray, green, orange and aqua are very popular, especially in accent pieces like pillows or cushions. To make your outdoor seem like an extension of your home, I recommend using the same primary color scheme you’ve used in the interior, varying the intensity of the colors by using brighter, more dominant shades.

Lighting Create different levels of lighting with gas lantern, chandeliers, table lamp and ceiling fans etc. you can find variety of designs depending of your style and the ambiance you want to create. Torches and candles create a warm and inviting casual mood whether they are lining a path or standing sentinel around a patio Pull out your Christmas lights, wrapping that small iridescent string of white bulbs around tree trunks and branches will bring a romantic atmosphere to your backyard.

Accessorizing Define your seating area with an outdoor area rug. Because outdoor area rugs come in so many different colors and designs, you can use it as your inspiration tool to help you select your accent colors. New materials and fibers are now being used to create colorful area rugs resistant to fading and mildew. Outdoor throw pillows can be added to provide accent colors.  Stripes and modern floral are hot, have fun experimenting with different patterns, keep in mind that pillows don’t necessarily have to match Look for all weather fabrics, which are becoming as exiting and sophisticated as interior ones. Bring some shade to tone down the summer heat of your décor with some neutral outdoor drapes. Use them on terraces, covered patio, verandas or to create poolside cabana spaces with luxury feel. Draperies can make your outdoor space cozier and more private. Outdoor fountain add a majestic soothing element to your patio. Add an outdoor wall art, such as colorful metal panels, a sculpture or an all weather art print. Plants are musts for outdoor table, it is important to consider the container as well as the plant. If you have a specific decorating dilemma, email me at or call me at 954-384-3290.


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